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<p>Well! For beginners the most basic items to be considered for web development should be the grid system, visual hierarchy, web safe fonts, images and colors. You might have noticed that the grid system has determined how we read, its variations involves different arrangements of rows and columns. Good web pages are built in response to the measured reading patterns by placing important elements, like the logo, call to action or a key image, along the axes that the reader is expected to scan. Beyond that, visual hierarchy is about signaling to readers what should be read first and what should be read next. After page placement, this may involve strategies like font size, spacing, direction and typeface pairing, as well as the use of color highlights. Today, it is still true that certain fonts are supported by most browsers while others fonts are not, but the number of web-safe options has increased. Maximum of 2 to 3 fonts must be used, not more than that. Its right that images are really important but don&rsquo;t use excessive images just to fill in the empty space and be sure not to use images that move. Nowadays, there are multiple forms and types of websites available in the market and selecting a good web design agency for your website will guide you through the latest trends and will tell you which type of website suits your business the most.</p>

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