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Phrases to Remember and Avoid by Call Center Operators

If a company is promoting its goods offline and on the internet, the main thing in this situation is to create all opportunities for an effective feedback. That is, clients who need to know something about a certain product or service need to know where to turn to and find an answer. There are FAQ chapters at almost all websites, but it is unfair to consider all customers identical. They can have different needs and want to know everything about the goods they are paying for. That is why a company that wants to have more loyal and satisfied clients should think about a staff that will respond to customers. Usually, such tasks are fully outsourced to special centers and their employees.

What Operators Need to Do

As a rule, people who work in call centers know well what they can say to clients and what they should not even mention. The main job of an operator is to be polite and patient and answer questions that relate to certain goods or services. Yet, operators are humans as well, so sometimes they can make mistakes that just slip off people’s tongues without any harmful idea. These mistakes can be really crucial or not that disastrous, but it is better not to make them in any case.

Phrases to Avoid

Woman with headset on white backgroundSo, here are several phrases that should be avoided by operators of such centers. The first of them is “You must”. Clients are people who provide the life of the company, that is why they should be treated with all the respect even if they are debtors and owe large sums to a bank.

Operators should be patient to clients who turn to them for an algorithm of certain actions. It is very likely that the operator repeats this set of words for the hundredth time through the whole day, but it is just as likely that the client is making these steps for the first time in the whole life. That is why it is necessary not to let this client slip and turn to competitors just because their operators are more polite.

It is better to avoid pronouncing a frank “no”. This word sounds like a strict refusal in anything the client has to offer. It is better to try other phrases that will not contain this word. Besides that, all suggestions of customers should be noted: it is very likely that they contain smart ideas.

Patience is also necessary in case the client does not understand anything. The phrase “I am repeating to you” looks like the client is accused of being dull. Probably, there is something in the way the operator explains, so it is necessary to pay attention to this fact, too.

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